The next free concert is on Sunday 25 September with a welcome return of Somerset’s own troubadour Reg Meuross.

Reg performing for Music on the Levels in February 2020

Reg is now is touring with latest album RAW, and other songs of history, protest, love, loss, and legend from 13 previous releases as well as new songs from two forthcoming projects – Fire & Dust (songs about the life of Woody Guthrie) and Stolen From God (unfolding the history of the Transatlatic slave trade in the SW).

The breadth and depth of Reg Meuross’s material is unparalleled in contemporary folk: songs about forgotten heroes, famous names, folk legends, the climate emergency, tales from the kitchen sink and news from the world stage.

Someone said: ‘If something needs to be sung about then Reg Meuross has a song for it!’ And this proved to be the case when Reg performed here in February 2020 with a especially composed song about Westonzoyland. Challenged by a resident in 2010 to write a song about the village, the composition became a moving tribute to the many who fought and died in the Battle of Weston in 1685, and travesty of justice that followed.

Meuross has the gift of being able to touch people through his songs and performance, painting pictures that remain with the listener long after the song has been sung.

“I’m happy to be returning to sing in this beautiful church, to a wonderful audience and community,” says Reg.

Masterfully accompanying himself on his  ‘44 Martin six-string guitar, harmonica, tenor guitar, banjo and dulcimer and captivating audiences with his beautiful tenor voice, witnessing a Reg Meuross performance is to experience a journey into the heart, soul and songs of one of England’s finest writers.

“…assured a place in the pantheon of great folk songwriters.” David Kidman, The Living Tradition

“Classic, with echoes of early Dylan, Tom Paxton and Leonard Cohen” The Guardian

“The remarkable singer-songwriter that is Reg Meuross” Sean Rafferty, Radio 3

“A mighty songwriter and an equally fine singer” Martin Carthy

There are currently no statutory requirements with regard to Covid. However, In accordance with the government guidance that the pandemic is not yet over, Music on the Levels is retaining the informal booking system and requests that audiences observe sensible precautions as a courtesy to each other and to help provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Refreshments (tea, coffee, choice of cakes) are available at a modest charge from 2.15 pm until the start of the concert.

In order to help with the artists’ and other costs a raffle is held. In addition donations are encouraged. It costs an average of £300 to put on a concert.

Those wishing to go to the Reg Meuross concert are asked to contact Frank Challenger on 01278 699071 or email  so that Music on the Levels can limit numbers if necessary.

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